There has been a large change. As of 24 November, council received information from the Federal Government that the landowner/applicant has changed their proposal and subsequently have withdrawn their Planning Proposal application.

This means they are no longer seeking to get the land rezoned (for smaller lots) , and are instead looking at an amended proposal working within the existing planning controls on the site. The land has an existing zoning mix of R5 Large Lot Residential, R1 General Residential and E3 Environmental Management zones (with a minimum lot size in the R5 area of 2000m2) . Zoning information can be found on our online maps:

The EPBC referral is still required for their amended proposal, and if an EPBC Controlled Action approval is granted, It is assumed a Development Application would come to Council afterwards. DAs have public exhibition requirements and it is assumed any DA for the site would attract media attention.

More information is found here:

RHVA North Manyana Submission v3

EPBC 2021-8948-Statement-of-Reasons

EPBC 2021 8948 referral decision – controlled action Inyadda Drive PP007

2021-8948 – Variation request

2021-8948 – Variation – notification of variation – SIGNED

2021-8948 – Variation letter to Shoalhaven Council SIGNED


Greens MP in the NSW legislative council David Shoebridge’s letter asking for an extension for Public comments for the North Manyana EPBC Act referral click here to read letter


Federal Environment Minister Susan Ley has responded click here to Greens MP in the NSW legislative council David Shoebridge’s

RHVA Executive Submission click here in relation to the proposed development that has been referred by the proponent to the Federal Department of Agriculture Water and Environment public notices : EPBC Act Public Notices : Invitation for public comment on referral.

Motion to be passed at next general meeting 12th June click here

27 May 2021 North Manyana (aka Kylor) Planning Project

How to Make a Public Comment by deadline June 3 click here


November 2019

On Friday 15 November 2019, RHVA members met with the developers, JWD, and their consultants, GHD, to receive an update on the biodiversity assessment of the Inyadda Drive site, presented by Daniel Williams from GHD.

Key points presented at this meeting are as follows:

  • GHD are finalising the Biodiversity Certification Assessment Report (BCAR), with feedback and assistance from the Biodiversity Conservation Division of the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Environment (which took over the function of the Office of Environment and Heritage in July 2019), and from Shoalhaven Council. Under current legislation, this report will address biodiversity issues applying to all stages of the development (i.e. there will not need to be further assessments done at the DA stage)
  • The BCAR will determine the number of biodiversity “credits” associated with the flora and fauna within the development footprint, which will determine the biodiversity offsets that need to be accessed by JWD in order to develop the land. JWD/GHD expect that the bulk of these offsets will come from the “conservation land” on the site (i.e. land between the development footprint and the site boundary), though there may be a shortfall, meaning that additional offsets will need to be accessed from elsewhere
  • A stewardship agreement will be developed to cover management of the conservation land. Management will be covered by a trust fund, established by the developers. The stewardship agreement is assessed by the Biodiversity Conservation Trust. One of their requirements is that the trust fund is adequate to ensure ongoing management of the conservation land.
  • The BCAR will be submitted to the Department and Council in the next month or so. This will be followed by a period of evaluation, including community consultation. It is anticipated that this period will be 41 days (to be confirmed). RHVA members requested at the meeting that this period be kept separate from the Christmas/school holiday period so that people have appropriate opportunity to scrutinise the report.
  • RHVA members also requested that the developers seek to preserve the biodiversity value of the development footprint (e.g. preservation of green corridors) as much as possible, and not just rely on offsetting.
  • JWD advised that a number of other reports have been or are will shortly be finalised, including water/sewer/power, traffic, geotech/acid sulphates and heritage.
  • To keep up to date with the latest council activity relating to this development, please check the SCC Get Involved Page, and subscribe on this page for automatic updates.

July 2019

Following receipt by SCC of over 400 responses to the community survey on the Inyadda Drive Planning Proposal (rezoning), which were de-identified and shared with the proponent for review, the proponent has submitted a new footprint for the rezoning:

Map new proposed footprint July 2019

For further information from council on how things proceed from here, and to sign-up for automatic updates, please visit the project page on Council’s Get Involved website.

NB On 4 July 2019, JWD projects (proponents), GHD (consultants engaged by JWD) and RVHA representatives met to discuss the new footprint and current situation. Notes from that meeting, prepared by GHD, can be found here: 4 July RHVA JWD DHG Meeting 2_Meeting notes

JWD/GHD have asked RHVA to direct people to their website for their updates –

April 2019

Public meeting sees community hall at full capacity!
IMG_1373IMG_1374 IMG_1375 IMG_1376
Our Public Meeting held on Easter Saturday (20th April) to discuss the Inyadda Drive Planning Proposal was extremely well attended. The Yulunga Hall was overflowing and some people didn’t actually make it inside. The meeting ran for an hour and ended with applause. If you couldn’t make the meeting, the notes can be found here – Inydadda Drive PP Public Meeting notes – April 20th, 2019.
The net result was some 450 surveys returned to Council and this official statement from the RHVA – Letter to SCC re Inyadda Drive PP 29th April 2019
February 2019
Inyadda Drive Planning Proposal  (previously known as “Kylor”) update announced.
If you haven’t already, please visit the SCC’s “Get Involved” page and sign up for updates on this major development proposal. While you’re there, fill in the survey to give your opinion on the proposed PP. (Closes 29/4/19. Please keep a copy of your submission and feel free to forward same to your RHVA exec. We also encourage your comments on the RHVA Community FB page, on any relevant threads on the RHVA FB page, etc.)
To get you up to speed, the minutes of your Inyadda Drive PP Focus Group’s recent meeting are available on our website, including the PP document and a flyer for a Public Meeting being held on Easter Saturday in the Yulunga Hall, to further discuss the North Manyana PP.
Draft Shoalhaven Growth Management Strategy (GMS) 2019 – 2041
The Draft Shoalhaven GMS 2019- 2041 was put up for public comment over the busy Xmas – New Year holiday period and went under the radar. This is a very important document which will determine the future of our coastal villages and needs YOUR input!
The draft “Character Statement” for Manyana / Cunjurong Point is:

“Manyana and Cunjurong Point will offer a relaxed place to live and visit, with a clear focus on beach and water recreation. A diversity of housing, in combination with great services and amenities, and a locally-respectful retail centre will offer all the necessary essentials for local residents and visitors. Beach style housing with a mix of materials and coastal colours will maintain the place’s informal character, and appeal to people seeking the relaxed way of life that the settlements are known for. The hilly topography will continue to offer elevated views to the ocean, including the popular Inyadda Beach.”

The draft “Character Statement” for Bendalong / North Bendalong is:

“Bendalong will maintain its secluded and easygoing character. With a focus on the immersive natural surrounds, this small village will offer convenient access to stunning beaches and the surrounding bushland, offering a diversity of recreational activities, particularly in summer. Bendalong Point and Boat Harbour Beach will be promoted as popular destinations, well-equipped with basic amenities and conveniently located proximate to holiday parks. Buildings will display a coastal material palette and building style, with modest low-rise dwellings featuring flat and gabled roofs and a mix of fibro and weatherboard. Streets will further promote the relaxed and natural character, with lots of natural landscaping and tall street trees.”

But what do YOU think they should say? Please submit your suggestions via email as we will be voting at Saturday 16h March’s meeting on our submission to council.
Please also comment on the Character Assessments for each area.
For all of the relevant information on this topic, visit the SCC “Get Involved” GMS page.
Please note, we have also formalised our RHVA Meetings Code of Conduct March 2019.