Children’s Scooter Circuit

The RHVA attended a meeting yesterday at Yulunga hall with Council reps and Micky c and Kev Miller representing RHVA Graeme Ralph representing Yulunga Reserve Committee and Ben and Adam for Walker Bros Concreting.

The topic was the Children’s Scooter Circuit and I am happy to report;

The outcome was that with the funds from the Community being $1000 Junior Board riders ,$2000 RHVA and Council to provide a further $40,000 to complete the project.

RHVA  reps Micky C and Kevin Millar will do the project management with the Walker Bros being the primary contractor with consultation from the Yulunga Reserve Committee

Work is scheduled to commence in Dec and completed by Christmas.

We apologies to the children of the area for any inconvenience in accessing the playground during the time of construction but realize how great the final outcome will be.

Click here for the full plan

New Playground planned for Yulunga Reserve, 30th April 2019

Today we met with Council staff, Mobile Preschool, Playgroup and the Yulunga Hall Committee to discuss the brand new playground planned for the Yulunga Reserve. The playground will be delivered by Moduplay – a local, Unanderra based company.

For more information, including proposed designs, refer to Correspondence In.


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