May 2020 Update

Re the Berringer pathway: It is all but complete up to Cunjurong Pt Rd./Sunset Strip. We just need to buffer the sides and this will be done as soon as the Walker Brothers are ready. They have kindly donated their services with machine to get the job done. I will be contacting volunteers again when they are ready. The section from Cunjurong Pt Rd./Sunset Strip to the fire shed at Cunji will be done when funds are available. I’m working on that, but I’ve been told by council that no funds will be available for some time; but we’ll see what happens.

October 2019 Update

A further 108m has been added to the Berringer/Cunjurong link. Getting closer to Cunjurong Point Rd! A big thank you to all volunteers involved.

Berringer Path October 2019


July 2019: Update on the current overall status of the pathways process (background, implementation and decision-making)

The map shown at the bottom of this page (containing pathways numbered 1 to 7)  represents a proposal of possibilities for connecting the five villages. Each section, or stage is discussed at length with council officers with routes determined jointly between SCC and RHVA.

Council has resolved to keep funds flowing (currently $10 000 per year). But once a project has begun, council follow through to completion. Any extra funds come from community and grants applied for by RHVA.

Work is currently being conducted on stage two, which is being referred to as the Berringer/Cunjurong link. It will go up the easement (where it is currently being constructed) and then continue along the western side of Cunjurong Point Rd as far as the Fire Shed. Photos of the partially completed pathway are provided below.

The next stage is up for discussion.

There are two broad interrelated options for discussing the planning and implementation of other stages:

  • Master Plan – the development of a Master Plan for the Red Head Villages has been proposed. This is a process that canvases the opinions of all residents regarding matters of concern and priority for the area. Pathways would be an integral part of such a plan.
  • Discussion through RHVA/at RHVA meetings – there is broad agreement that decisions about future pathways should be made by SCC/RHVA with input from the community, for example at RHVA general meetings, or via correspondence directed towards the RVHA executive committee. Proposals for how the decision-making process could work include conducting a survey (this could be included in the master plan process) and ensuring that future decisions about initiating the planning and development of a specific pathway are based on a vote taken at a general meeting.

The best way to have your say on these options, or to propose others, is to attend RHVA general meetings or contact the executive directly. Everyone’s voice is important. Similarly, it is important to find a way to make decisions on how to move forward, having taken the views of the members and community into account.

For updates on the status of individual pathways, please refer to the notes under the map below.

Photos of partially completed Berringer/Cunjurong link

Bench at beginning of path, a generous gift from an anonymous donor. If anyone else would like to donate benches for the remainder of the pathway, please contact RHVA.

Brringer Path 1

Sections of path from lake to end of current construction.

Berringer Path 2

Berringer Path 3

Berringer Path 5

Berringer Cresc to Cunjurong Point Pathway

Status at 15 May 2019

An updated diagram for the pathway can be viewed here:

Plan Pathway Berringer Cresc to Cunj Pt Rd Update 15 May 2019

Status at 8 May 2019

Work has begun on Berringer Link Shared Pathway. About 300m should be finished by the end of the month.

The plan for the pathway can be viewed here:

Plan Pathway Berringer Cresc to Cunj Pt Rd


Cunjurong Fire Station to Berringer Lake Pathway: 
Status at 12 March 2019

Cunjurong Fire Station to Berringer Lake Pathway

Area map of the 5 villages and possible pathways linking them. Detailed explanations appear  below map :



Other options and suggestions are most welcome.

1.Manyana / Bendalong link. Inclusive pathway. Various funding sources. Completed. July 2019 update – signs to be erected indicating the shared/inclusive status of this pathway, allowing pedestrians, bikes, assisted mobility devices etc.

2.Cunjurong / Berringer link. Inclusive pathway. Section from Berringer Lake along the easement to Sunset Strip has commenced and is awaiting further funding. This section will be completed before any work begins on the Sunset Strip to Cunjurong Point section. The Sunset Strip to Cunjurong section is shovel ready but currently unfunded.

3.Cunjurong shop to Manyana link. Identified as a possible route but crosses green corridor

4.Beach access to Manyana beach from new estate. Completed. Concrete pathway constructed from Dune Crescent to back of dunes.

5.Sunset Strip west to Manyana Beach. Follows easement so very feasible option. Lends itself to the possibility of an elevated boardwalk due to the wet areas in the vicinity.

6.Tram line Bendalong to Washerwoman’s Beach. Failed to be included in master plan of Boat Harbour but still a future option. This may be best in the nature of a soft surface giving its closeness to the beach.

7.Washerwoman’s Beach to Dee Beach. Follows easement so may be possible. Council would probably want this one to be inclusive (hard surface).

Important information from Council
Advice has been sent to all residents within a 1 km radius of the sewerage treatment plant that a 1080 Wild dog /Fox Baiting and Ejector Poisoning Program will take place in the area from 27th August to 14 December, 2018. After that, all ejectors and remaining baits will be collected and disposed of accordingly.1080 Poisoning notices will be erected at each baiting site. It is recommended that if domestic dogs are in the immediate area they are to be locked up, restrained or effectively controlled.





completed pathway