General Meeting Date Moved


The meeting at 3pm this Saturday 28th May at Yulunga Hall has been rescheduled to the following week; to 3pm Saturday 4th June 2022, at Yulunga Hall. 

Apologies for the short notice. We hope to see you there on the 4th

Your Forests need you

Once again we face the prospects of a disreputable native forest industry (FCNSW – Forestry Corporation NSW)  making a $20m loss last year and still wantonly destroying native habitat especially around Mogo and the southern parts of the Shoalhaven.

This was exactly why we, as a community some 23 yrs ago,  fought vigorously to having Conjola Forest  established as a National Park.

The horrible irony of all this is that FCNSW is owned by the State so tax payers are contributing, unwittingly, to the destruction of our remaining native forests which are yet to recover from the 2019 Currowan fire.

Enclosed is an article from the Bush Telegraph  for those who want to read some facts about forest decimation.

Also enclosed is an on-line petition,  which if it receives 20,000 signatures, Shelly Hancock has undertaken to represent the case in the Parliament.

Please note that the on-line petition requires the individual to tick the box that states that he/she is a NSW resident.

Flood Recovery and Support

For storm and flood emergency please contact SES 132 500 for help.

Please find some info regarding recovery support details within our community


If members of our community need Recovery Support as indicated on the attached information flyer, please call Council 130 293 111 …if community wish to speak with a Community Outreach Officer for guidance, could they please ask to be transferred to our Outreach Officers.

One thing to note this Outreach is for recovery ….all emergency enquiries should go through to SES 132 500

We encourage our flood affected community to seek the financial support and assistance that is available…details follow

Australian Red Cross $500 Relief Grant

Cash assistance is available for people who are experiencing financial hardship as a result of flood impact to their primary place of residence. To assess your eligibility and to apply

Red Cross Relief Grant

or call the Red Cross Grants team on 1800 733 276

Flood Disaster Relief

For community impacted by the recent flooding event, you may be eligible for disaster relief assistance and support from the Commonwealth and NSW Governments.

Support is available for:

·       Individuals and households

·       Primary producers

·       Businesses

·       Sport and recreation clubs

·       Not-for-profit organisations and churches


Service NSW – Flood Disaster Relief

Lake Conjola Management Plan

*** Message from Shoalhaven City Council about Lake Conjola Coastal Management Plan (CMP)***

You may have already seen that Shoalhaven City Council has booked in Community Workshops and Information Drop-in Sessions for the Lake Conjola Coastal Management Program (CMP).

The Workshops will be run as round table discussions with community groups.

The Drop-in Sessions are designed for those who want to have a chat to the subject matter experts in the room on your specific issues, risks, and opportunities within Lake Conjola.

We will also be presenting on what we have been working on.

We will be running two sessions on April 4 and 5. Please note, you will need to register to attend workshops.

Information Drop-in sessions will be run immediately following the workshops where community members can discuss the CMP with Council – all are welcome, no registration is required.

Date: Tuesday, 5 April 2022

Where: Ulladulla Civic Centre, 81B Princes Hwy, Ulladulla

Time: Workshop 4:30-6:00pm (registration essential), Information Drop-In Session 6:30-7:30pm (no registration required – all welcome)

Date: Wednesday, 6 April 2022

Where: Lake Conjola Community Centre, Lake Conjola Entrance Road, Lake Conjola

Time: Workshop 4:30-6:00pm (registration essential), Information Drop-In Session 6:30-7:30pm (no registration required – all welcome)

Please complete the Registration Form to secure your place

Have your say

Submission Guide

13 The Bastion, Manyana – Lot 871 – DP 263106 Development Application

Application Reference Number: DA22/1281

Shoalhaven City Council is currently accepting submissions on a proposed new development for 13 The Bastion, Manyana. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the Development Application and the submission process.

What is being proposed?

The DA includes plans for a duplex/dual occupancy development including adjoining two-storey, four-bedroom townhouse style dwellings. 

Where can I see the plans:

Go to:

Enter the Application Reference Number in the search field (DA22/1281)

How do I make my submission?

Any person who feels they could be affected by the determination of this application can make a submission to Council about how they feel about the proposal.

You make a submission online using the link above. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Contact us about this application”.

When do submissions close?

Monday, April 4 – close of business.

Why is the RHVA concerned about this Development Application? (Please feel free to use these points in your submission using your own words)

·      We feel the proposed development is not compatible with the surrounding environment and housing (which is primarily single storey and detached).

·      The proposed dwelling does not adhere with the low-density residential zone requirements set out under the Local Environmental Plan (R2). 

·      We are concerned that if allowed to proceed in its current form, this proposed development would set a precedent for inappropriate development across the five villages.

·      With the potential to dramatically increase the size of our community, we feel the impacts of duplex and dual occupancy developments on water, sewage, amenities, local traffic and on-street parking have not been sufficiently modelled.

·      We have significant safety concerns around bushfires and the capacity to evacuate a larger number of residents on Bendalong Road should more of these dual occupancy developments be allowed to go ahead. 

Your Invited

Shoalhaven City Council is hosting a special briefing webinar on the Development Application for the proposed development on Inyadda Drive – and all residents are invited.

The webinar will be held on Wednesday 16 March 2022 at 7pm.

Please follow the instructions below to get involved 👇

Cover letter – Respondents – SF10921

Your local area needs your help!


The RHVA has a number of concerns about a new proposal for the Inyadda Drive development in North Manyana, currently being considered by Shoalhaven Council.

There a number of obvious flaws to the proposal. The following submission guide has a list of the issues we have identified so far that could be included in your submission to Council.

GUIDE TO WRITING A SUBMISSION TO SHOALHAVEN COUNCIL- Inyadda Drive (aka ‘Kylor’) Development Application

IDPP Submission guide for web site

INYADDA DRIVE Development Application (SF19021) OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS until WED MARCH 9.

INYADDA DRIVE Development Application (SF19021) OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS until WED MARCH 9.

Your local area needs your help!

Council has received a new development application for the Inyadda Drive site, adjacent to Inyadda Beach and Curvers Drive – (aka North Manyana/Kylor). They are calling on the public to have their say on the development.

What you need to know:

The developer has now applied to develop the land into a housing estate comprising 100 x 2,000smq lots. This would mean clear felling a huge area of bushland (half of the 76ha total land) – some of which is classed as rare Endangered Ecology Communities because of the value of the species found in the area.

Read all the documentation on the new development application here – SF10921 _ Hit AGREE then search for SF10921…/App…/default.aspx…

Previously the developer had submitted a planning proposal to Council to have the land rezoned. This planning proposal for rezoning has now been withdrawn. This new housing development application is in line with the area’s current zoning.

Last year, the developer sought approval from the Federal Environment Minister under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Act. In August 2021, the project was declared a “CONTROLLED ACTION” because of the environmental implications of developing the land for housing. The developer is required to submit more information before a final decision is made by the Federal Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment.

What you can do:

Have your say on the development by submitting your comments online here:…/daemail.aspx…

Submissions on the DA close at 5pm WEDNESDAY 9 MARCH.

In your submission, state clearly how you think the development will impact Manyana and the surrounding areas.

Talk about what the habitat loss would mean to you – such as the impact on the waterways and flora and fauna (including endangered hooded plovers that nest on Inyadda Beach and the Eastern Pygmy Possum.

Talk about the amenity of the development and what you think it would do to our area

Talk about the safety implications of more residents in the are

To help you with your submission, we’ll be providing a guide on the RHVA website very soon! We’ll post the link here.

Thanks for your support!

Manyana has been awarded $1 550 000 in grants

After two long years since the bushfires, I am pleased to announce that we have won funding for critical projects to support people across the South Coast impacted by the 2019-20 bushfires.

Our communities have been through so much. These projects will help individual communities recover in their own way, making life that tiny bit easier — and importantly allowing recovery and healing.

I have been proud to have worked with many of you to develop grant proposals and ensure that local projects in the Shoalhaven and Eurobodalla have been supported.  Not only will this critical funding help with recovery, but many projects will have long lasting benefits for generations to come.

I will always fight for our community to ensure people and organisations get the help they need.

Please see the successful Black Summer Bushfire Recovery Grants for the Eurobodalla and Shoalhaven below, along with the link to my speech in parliament today.   See my speech in parliament  

Projects awarded grants in the Eurobodalla region
Eurobodalla: Regenerate Regional Leadership Program – $461,563
The purchase and instalment of a PR Power Diesel Generator Set – $83,116
After the Fires Stage 2 – $31,442
Upgrade of the Moruya Showground Kitchen – $40,000
Regional Co-located Emergency Services Precinct – $200,000
Reconstruction of the SES Batemans Bay facility – $628,050
Moruya Showground Canteen Building Renewal – $902,000
Culturally safe resilience, wellbeing & psychological services – $293,724
Mogo Community Recreation Hub – $999,000
Tuross Valley Rebuild and Recovery Project – $796,218
Supporting Resilience & Well-being of Eurobodalla children – $1,452,966
Bushfire and Heatwave Refuge CWA Moruya – $82,486
Community Hub, Sports and Recreation Centre – $6,157,847 
Fiona Phillips, Member for Gilmore, with NSW Labor Leader Chris Minns and federal Labor Leader Anthony Albanese announcing funding for an Emergency Services Precinct in Moruya for the Eurobodalla region. 
Projects awarded grants in the Shoalhaven region
ReGrow, ReNEW, ReDISCOVER and ReUNITE Outdoor Learning and Healing Space – $205,000
Five Villages Community Garden – Yulunga Reserve Manyana – $125,718
Strengthening capacity, cooperation & resilience of Shoalhaven’s local NFPs – $1,369,800
Stronger Communities – $697,881
Nukka – Jerrinja Aboriginal Bushfire Recovery Land Management Enterprise – $1,497,419
Millhouse Art Society Using Creativity to Build Resilience – $82,695
Rebuilding, Uniting & Empowering Resilient Community Groups & Volunteers – $211,063
RHVA Resilience & Capacity Building – $1,426,800
Conjola Park Foreshore Recovery – $615,000
Danjera Dam Camping Ground and Recreational Area – $1,442,000
Taking Control – A Journey of Self Care – $209,124
Upgrade of Identified Emergency Animal Refuge – $58,165
The upgrade and future proofing of Nowra’s Mountain Bike Trail Network – $549,132
Developing systems and capacities to protect animals in catastrophic fires – $800,142
Replacement Rescue Vessel for Marine Rescue Kioloa – $298,815

Fiona Phillips, Member for Gilmore with Labor Leader Anthony Albanese at the Shoalhaven Emergency Management Centre during the 2019-20 bushfires. See my speech in parliament  The full list of funded projects is listed on the National Recovery and Resilience Agency website at:
I will always fight for our community and organisations to get the help and support they need.   Yours sincerely,

Fiona Phillips MP
Member for Gilmore

To view the detailed guidelines and submissions check these links

BSBR submission 2021 (002)

RHVA Black Summer Bushfire Recovery Grant Opportunity Guidelines 2

Digital Mentoring Training Course – Expression of Interest – St Vincent de Paul

In early March St Vincent de Paul Bushfire Recovery and Community Development Program will be hosting a 2 and ½ day course on Digital Mentoring for anyone in your community who would like to learn new skills and knowledge in the use of digital devices such as iPads, PC’s, Apple computers, Smart and Analogue Phones.

The course is geared towards people that would like to learn more about the use of digital devices but who are also happy to take these skills and knowledge and teach others in their community. The course is free and requires a 2 and ½ day commitment from participants and will require travel to Ulladulla.

Annual General Meeting of the Red Head Villages Association


Annual Membership Fees are due at the AGM each year.

Cost is Single $5.00 Family $10. Payment is by cheque or direct deposit.

Account Name : Red Head Villages Association Inc. BSB : 032 701 Account No : 186246 Reference : Your name If you are a NEW MEMBER please download the rhva-membership-form-2022, and return with remittance.

Please consider paying your annual membership fee before the AGM. (Ref. “Membership”). It’s $5 for an individual or $10 for a family. This will save time and effort prior to the AGM. (If you prefer to pay on the day, please arrive early so we can start the meeting on time.)

Please email with your details, including amount paid and date of payment and request a receipt if required.

RHVA Annual General Meeting Saturday 22nd January, 2022 3pm Yulunga Hall

Major Change to the Inyadda Dr Proposal

There has been a large change. As of 24 November, council received information from the Federal Government that the landowner/applicant has changed their proposal and subsequently have withdrawn their Planning Proposal application.

This means they are no longer seeking to get the land rezoned (for smaller lots) , and are instead looking at an amended proposal working within the existing planning controls on the site. The land has an existing zoning mix of R5 Large Lot Residential, R1 General Residential and E3 Environmental Management zones (with a minimum lot size in the R5 area of 2000m2) . Zoning information can be found on our online maps:

The EPBC referral is still required for their amended proposal, and if an EPBC Controlled Action approval is granted, It is assumed a Development Application would come to Council afterwards. DAs have public exhibition requirements and it is assumed any DA for the site would attract media attention.

More information is found here:

RHVA Submission-Environment Protection Biodiversity and Conservation Act

Read the RHVA Submission to the Honorable Sussan Ley Federal Minister for the Environment regarding species protected under the Environment Protection Biodiversity and Conservation Act – Manyana Beach Estate proposal.

If you agree that proposed building project at Manyana must not go ahead, please write to and -VERY IMPORTANTLY – cc with ‘Manyana Submission’ in the subject line by COB 16 July 2021. Let them know how you feel about this destruction and its impact on both wildlife and people.

Open Letter published in the Sydney Morning Herald today- Manyana Beach Estate

The Red Head Villages Association is proud to be a co-signatory of this Open Letter published in the Sydney Morning Herald today calling upon the Hon. Ministers Sussan Ley, Rob Stokes, Matt Kean, Shelley Hancock and Shoalhaven City Council to save the Unburnt Manyana Forest and to stand with our community and protect this fragile native habitat.

If you agree that proposed building project at Manyana must not go ahead, please write to and -VERY IMPORTANTLY – cc with ‘Manyana Submission’ in the subject line by COB 16 July 2021. Let them know how you feel about this destruction and its impact on both wildlife and people.

Bush Fire Vegetation Clearing on Bendalong Road

Endeavour Energy has commenced post bushfire vegetation clearing in earnest along Bendalong Rd, and we appreciate these works are now highly visible, and are impactful to the community. We are applying an unprecedented level of scrutiny and due diligence to these works, which are being undertaken in keeping with NPWS approvals. We have met on site several times with community representatives, and with NPWS to ensure works progress as approved and only as required. We will keep our promise to the Manyana community to only remove vegetation that represents a real risk to public safety and to the reliable supply of power.

Don’t Forget AGM This Saturday _Yulunga Hall

In an effort to reduce the duration of general meetings, the RHVA executive has resolved that reports from executive committee members and the Yulunga Reserve Committee will be placed on the website one week before the next general meeting. This will allow people to familiarise themselves with the issues in advance and ask questions at the meeting, without time having to be spent on presentation of the report. Click here to view all reports

The Australian National Bushfire Health and Wellbeing Survey

A team of researchers at The Australian National University are conducting a survey to understand the past and present impact of bushfires and smoke on health, wellbeing, and lifestyle. We need to hear from as many Australians as possible, both with and without bushfire experience. Your participation will help identify how to support and protect the well-being of Australians when faced with future bushfires. You could also win a $50 Prezzee card!

For more information, and to take the survey, please head to the Australian National University website.

Initial RHVA Survey Results are in

Thanks to everyone for taking part in our community survey. Click here to see a snap shot of the results. We are still compiling the final details for the open ended questions (we will have them to you asap) thanks again for everyone that took the time to participate!


Red Head Village Association is putting together a PICTORIAL HISTORY BOOK OF THE 5 VILLAGES.
The book will include information, pictures from Aboriginal settlement till now,including chapters such as –
commercial outlets/shops in the area, fundraisers, functions, fires, cyclones, sport, environmental protests, scenery shots noting the beauty of the area. 
In the near future we will reach out for old photographs/newspaper clippings of the unique history of the Villages.
More details to come.
Below is the opening of the Manyana shop, cnr Curvers drive and Inyadda.

New 80 km/h on Bendalong Rd

The new speed zone on Bendalong road has come into play.
This came about from a motion put forward buy Lex Frew about 3 years ago and supported by those present as he was concerned about the devastation of wild life on the road. Sadly still happening today as the dead wombats laying on the side of the road are a testament to that.

Stand Up for the Environment

A message from Manyana Matters


Yulunga Reserve, Sunset Strip, Manyana – 10am

We have a plan so humor us and BRING A SURFBOARD. Alternatively, bring a push bike and bike lock. (Trust us on this, okay?) All will be revealed on the day. We’re going to have some fun.

This is a Covid-cool and family-friendly event. It goes without saying, wear or bring a protest sign. Dress the little ones in characters from the Aussie bush.

Why are we holding this event? Just take a look at the map of how little unburnt land surrounds Manyana! It’s time to stand up and send a loud message to our Government that we won’t tolerate any further destruction to the environment.

Manyana Beach Estate- Clearing Conditions

Attached is the link to the full development consent on Redhead Villages Association website, including what must be adhered to during the clearing for stage one:  Pages 17-21 detail the specifics of the requirements during the construction phase. There should be a notice at the entrance to the site with a phone number to contact at council if there are issues.

Manyana Beach Estate – Commence date…

The developer’s consultant has advised Council that, “site set up (fencing, site sheds etc) has been provisionally programmed for 4 May 2020 and commencement of vegetation clearing on 7 May 2020.”

Senior management notified Councillors to make them aware of the imminent commencement of works.

May the 4th be with us…..

General Meeting 21/3/2020 – POSTPONED

Clean Up Australia Day- March 1st 2020

At 8 am the local community were lining up to get their clean up Australia Day bags. After the devastating fires came through I was unsure how much rubbish would actually collect. The kids and I first started at the Green Island track and I was happy to say we only found 5 pieces of rubbish and a pair of old broken crutches… With our empty bag we drove back to Bendalong to North Inyada Beach where there were already volunteers picking up rubbish. After the fire ripped through we were able to go quite deep into the bush and we filled bags and bags of empty beer bottles. On behalf of the RHVA Thanks to everyone who filled a bag (or bags).