The RHVA is the Community Consultative Body (CCB) recognized by Council as a major forum which properly represents local community concerns. The Association holds at least 3 community meetings per year but there may be more dependent on any situation that arises which  threatens our community lifestyle.  Meetings, this web site, newsletters by email and if necessary, ordinary mail are be our means of maintaining communication with our members.  In order to become a recipient of our email letters it will be necessary to register as a member and subscribe annually to maintain your membership (refer to the tag “Join Us” to register as a member).

The Association exists primarily to inform, involve, motivate and have community members dedicate themselves to maintaining this fabulous niche on the South Coast of NSW.

Please email to ask questions and to let us know of your concerns.  It is also important that if there is a problem that you identify possible options by which the problem may be resolved; this will assist the Management Team in taking the matter to Council or if necessary, State or Federal levels of government.

Although it is important that we maintain our links to the world around us it is fair to say that focusing on one’s own backyard and protecting it is positive step in part to addressing the issue of global social and environmental responsibility.

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