Once again we face the prospects of a disreputable native forest industry (FCNSW – Forestry Corporation NSW)  making a $20m loss last year and still wantonly destroying native habitat especially around Mogo and the southern parts of the Shoalhaven.

This was exactly why we, as a community some 23 yrs ago,  fought vigorously to having Conjola Forest  established as a National Park.

The horrible irony of all this is that FCNSW is owned by the State so tax payers are contributing, unwittingly, to the destruction of our remaining native forests which are yet to recover from the 2019 Currowan fire.

Enclosed is an article from the Bush Telegraph  for those who want to read some facts about forest decimation.


Also enclosed is an on-line petition,  which if it receives 20,000 signatures, Shelly Hancock has undertaken to represent the case in the Parliament.


Please note that the on-line petition requires the individual to tick the box that states that he/she is a NSW resident.