For storm and flood emergency please contact SES 132 500 for help.

Please find some info regarding recovery support details within our community


If members of our community need Recovery Support as indicated on the attached information flyer, please call Council 130 293 111 …if community wish to speak with a Community Outreach Officer for guidance, could they please ask to be transferred to our Outreach Officers.

One thing to note this Outreach is for recovery ….all emergency enquiries should go through to SES 132 500

We encourage our flood affected community to seek the financial support and assistance that is available…details follow

Australian Red Cross $500 Relief Grant

Cash assistance is available for people who are experiencing financial hardship as a result of flood impact to their primary place of residence. To assess your eligibility and to apply

Red Cross Relief Grant

or call the Red Cross Grants team on 1800 733 276

Flood Disaster Relief

For community impacted by the recent flooding event, you may be eligible for disaster relief assistance and support from the Commonwealth and NSW Governments.

Support is available for:

·       Individuals and households

·       Primary producers

·       Businesses

·       Sport and recreation clubs

·       Not-for-profit organisations and churches


Service NSW – Flood Disaster Relief