Submission Guide

13 The Bastion, Manyana – Lot 871 – DP 263106 Development Application

Application Reference Number: DA22/1281

Shoalhaven City Council is currently accepting submissions on a proposed new development for 13 The Bastion, Manyana. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the Development Application and the submission process.

What is being proposed?

The DA includes plans for a duplex/dual occupancy development including adjoining two-storey, four-bedroom townhouse style dwellings. 

Where can I see the plans:

Go to:

Enter the Application Reference Number in the search field (DA22/1281)

How do I make my submission?

Any person who feels they could be affected by the determination of this application can make a submission to Council about how they feel about the proposal.

You make a submission online using the link above. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Contact us about this application”.

When do submissions close?

Monday, April 4 – close of business.

Why is the RHVA concerned about this Development Application? (Please feel free to use these points in your submission using your own words)

·      We feel the proposed development is not compatible with the surrounding environment and housing (which is primarily single storey and detached).

·      The proposed dwelling does not adhere with the low-density residential zone requirements set out under the Local Environmental Plan (R2). 

·      We are concerned that if allowed to proceed in its current form, this proposed development would set a precedent for inappropriate development across the five villages.

·      With the potential to dramatically increase the size of our community, we feel the impacts of duplex and dual occupancy developments on water, sewage, amenities, local traffic and on-street parking have not been sufficiently modelled.

·      We have significant safety concerns around bushfires and the capacity to evacuate a larger number of residents on Bendalong Road should more of these dual occupancy developments be allowed to go ahead.