INYADDA DRIVE Development Application (SF19021) OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS until WED MARCH 9.

Your local area needs your help!

Council has received a new development application for the Inyadda Drive site, adjacent to Inyadda Beach and Curvers Drive – (aka North Manyana/Kylor). They are calling on the public to have their say on the development.

What you need to know:

The developer has now applied to develop the land into a housing estate comprising 100 x 2,000smq lots. This would mean clear felling a huge area of bushland (half of the 76ha total land) – some of which is classed as rare Endangered Ecology Communities because of the value of the species found in the area.

Read all the documentation on the new development application here – SF10921 _ Hit AGREE then search for SF10921…/App…/default.aspx…

Previously the developer had submitted a planning proposal to Council to have the land rezoned. This planning proposal for rezoning has now been withdrawn. This new housing development application is in line with the area’s current zoning.

Last year, the developer sought approval from the Federal Environment Minister under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Act. In August 2021, the project was declared a “CONTROLLED ACTION” because of the environmental implications of developing the land for housing. The developer is required to submit more information before a final decision is made by the Federal Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment.

What you can do:

Have your say on the development by submitting your comments online here:…/daemail.aspx…

Submissions on the DA close at 5pm WEDNESDAY 9 MARCH.

In your submission, state clearly how you think the development will impact Manyana and the surrounding areas.

Talk about what the habitat loss would mean to you – such as the impact on the waterways and flora and fauna (including endangered hooded plovers that nest on Inyadda Beach and the Eastern Pygmy Possum.

Talk about the amenity of the development and what you think it would do to our area

Talk about the safety implications of more residents in the are

To help you with your submission, we’ll be providing a guide on the RHVA website very soon! We’ll post the link here.

Thanks for your support!