On Saturday 16th June, 2018 the final concrete pour was done on the shared community pathway between the Inyadda Beach Car Park and Bendalong. This has been a project spanning many years and has involved the volunteer labour of many members over those years.

Special thanks go to Glenn North for his constant support over the years . Special thanks also  to President Kevin Millar and Mick Cvetkovic (Infrastructure )  for their management and commitment to the finalisation of the project .

Initial funding for the project was derived from  ongoing Shoalhaven City Council co-funding ,  private donations from Lars and Sammi Newman and the community donation tin at the Bendalong General Store.We thank all at the store  for assisting the project in this way.

The project gained extra impetus in the past few years due to the injection of grant funding from the NSW State Government’s Building Better Partnership Program .The Hon Shelley Hancock, Member for the South Coast and Clr Patricia White have given continuous support for this project . We thank also Lexie Meyer , our develoment coordinator , for the outstanding work she has done completing lengthy  funding application forms.

As a result of the local and state government funding, RHVA was able to hire local concrete contractors, the Walker Brothers, to complete the final stage of the project .

The communities of Manyana and Bendalong are now connected by a safe community pathway , constructed along an existing power  easement . Residents of all ages can be seen using the facility – from youngsters on scooters to senior citizens on motorised scooters.( Photo shows local resident, Peter King enjoying his walk on the pathway  last week.)The shared community pathway  encourages physical fitness for residents and visitors alike and develops social connectivity .

This is Stage 1 of the Red Head Villages’ Association (Inc ) lake and  coastal pathway program . Stage 2 will be constructed between Manyana and Berringer Lake, with the pathway following the easement from The Sunset Strip end of Manyana through the bush to Berringer Lake .

The Association invites you to experience the community pathway with family ,friends and visitors to our area. This is a great community asset ; to be enjoyed by all.