2 thoughts on “Berringer Boatramp Proposal

  1. At first glance this proposal seems a serious attempt to improve access and amenity to the Berringer boat ramp access, a very difficult area given the small size of the lake. However,as it stands there is no accompanying written rationale for details of the proposal. Any improvement is bound to attract a greater number of users. What amount of increased vehicle usage has Council projected and consequently based it’s planning on? Currently, there is an overflow of vehicles into the adjoining street. With an improved launching facility this will only increase usage and create a greater traffic flow into and along the adjoining street as cars launch their boats and seek a parking space. Two outcomes are likely to result:

    traffic in the access area to the launching site will increase, currently ameliorated perhaps by the exit, but creating a hazard for foot traffic in the car park;

    increased noise and exhaust pollution imposed on the residents across the road;
    consideration needs therefore to be given to maintain a fairly dense cover of trees and foliage adjacent to the road to provide a more solid buffer for noise and exhaust fumes;

    there is inadequate detail as to improvements planned for passive recreation, i.e. an increase in the number of picnic tables and toilet facilities;

    what signage is Council proposing for the redevelopment?

    I think the community, many of whom will be very supportive of the plan, also need a thorough written rationale accompanying the drawing.

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